Scandinavian Minimalism

Scandinavian Minimalism

If you want to prefer a relaxing, calm and natural decoration style in your living spaces, Scandinavian minimalist designs are for you. The Scandinavian minimalist decorative style, born out of the modernism school, focuses on simplicity and functionality. Scandinavian style, whose first effects were seen in the 1950s, is also among the most popular decoration and interior design trends of today.

In this article, we have brought together the prominent accessories and furniture preferences, usage areas and philosophy of the Scandinavian minimalist style for you.

Scandinavian style decoration, which is used by many people who follow simplicity, is a natural, calming, functional and balanced style. This style was highly influenced by the Scandinavian philosophy of "Hygee", meaning "happiness, warmth and peace".

First of all, you should stay away from complex themed images. E.g; Intensely patterned items such as exotic, ethnic and Andalusian are quite the opposite for this style. You should prefer pastel and matte tones that are dominated by white and gray on the walls and furniture, or that will not cause eye confusion. These tones will both refresh your room and make it look bigger than it is. To create contrast, blue and black tones can work for you.

You can create a comfortable feeling of warmth with wooden and wicker accessories. For example, wooden candle holders, wicker mirrors, wicker vases are among the most trendy accessories. You can see many shelves on the walls in this style, as functionality is important. While these shelves eliminate clutter, they provide an aesthetic appearance. While using a wicker basket as a nice accessory, you can also use it as a storage area for your blankets.

Having elements from nature will preserve the vitality in your home. We believe that products in organic forms and materials will attract your attention. You can create a different atmosphere with wooden candle holders or a natural stone mask on your bookshelves, and you can use cushions in pastel tones or poufs made of macrame rope to break the white image in the room and add warmth.

If you can't decide on the floor color, you can still choose white or warm wood tones. You can use a furry fleece on the floor or you can choose plain fluffy rugs. An important point in Scandinavian home decoration is the large windows and the use of thin tulle curtains. Scandinavian peoples, who have long and dark winters, want to get as much sunlight into the house as possible.

To make a harmonious home decoration, you must adhere to symmetrical measurements. You should use pieces that are compatible with each other rather than eclectic designs. Thus, your room will look like a part of nature in harmony. 

If we talk about the minimalist decoration style, it may be best to say as little as possible and clean space. Minimalism, which emerged as an art movement in the 1960s, was also reflected in decoration. You can achieve simplicity with the "less is more" theme. Every excess in the parts of the house takes on a structure that narrows the eyes and soul of the person.
This style can be one of the most difficult styles. You can start by making a list of parts that you can throw away, give up and get used to even if it is difficult. After that, you shouldn't use anything you don't need. You might ask yourself, “What is the purpose of finding this item?”

You should take care to choose your furniture modern and useful. Again, a modern lighting will look very nice in simplicity. As for harmony, if your sofa is a angular design, you should take care to choose your other furniture with corners.

In addition to neutral colors such as white, gray, sand beige on your walls, you can also use the purest tones of the main colors beyond normal. Colors like Dijon and blue will give your home a contemporary look.

You can get both a comfortable cleaning and a modern look. If you want large, spacious and peaceful spaces, Minimalist and Scandinavian style is just for you. If you are in favor of simplicity and elegance, you can have an idea by looking at our spring collection. Which do you think is Scandinavian or Minimalist? We are waiting your comments.

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