Banu Altay - Sia Moore

Architect Banu Altay - Deco Moore | Studio

Founded by Architect Banu Altay in London, Deco Moore Studio is an international interior architecture and design Studio. 

Deco Moore Studio’s expertise for crafting heirloom quality, custom made furniture meets with an unwavering passion to work with uniquely creative clients from all around the world resulting in something highly personal and innovative. 

It is with this excitement and commitment to deliver premium furnishing and upholstery design in classical, timeless appeal.

With the pursuit of creating timeless interiors since 2009, our award-winning team is globally recognized for their custom-tailored design and exquisite workmanship in projects of different scales such as private palaces, mansions, parliamentary buildings, hotels and social spaces.

Having founded four companies across the Middle East and United Kingdom over 25 years of experience and with thousands of projects, Banu and her talented team create multi-faceted couture interiors, advising on every aspect and detail of a project. 

Our brand had successfully designed top tier projects of the Emirates in Qatar and in no time her company took place among the few best companies in the region, having completed a wide range of projects. The diverse portfolio of projects includes exclusive commercial properties, palaces, majlis, private homes, turnkey properties and 5 star hotels.

As we rebuild our modern culture, we dream of a unique and timeless design by creating functional and aesthetic interior spaces with sophisticated architectural touches. Our bespoke furniture, upholstery and accessories collection is carefully curated with handcrafted pieces of millwork, ceramic and textile; generating a conversation between tradition and contemporary culture. We forecast future design trends all while offering luxurious and modern interiors today.