2022 Spring-Summer Decoration Trends and Ideas!

2022 Spring-Summer Decoration Trends and Ideas!

Take a look at our 2022 Spring-Summer Decoration Trends and Ideas to bring the spring atmosphere to your home with vibrant colors and organic textures and to create more spacious and bright spaces! 

Changing daily routines with the pandemic undoubtedly caused us to review our space design and decoration habits and even make radical changes. Home; We have been thinking more about our living spaces since they turned into our schools, offices, fitness and entertainment centers. 

As a matter of fact, it was these desires and needs that shaped the 2022 Spring - Summer Decoration Trends. Reflecting nature, nostalgic and bohemian spaces dominate the prominent decorations of the season. Calming and pastel color tones allow us to spend this period of stay at home more peaceful and focused. 

Here, we have compiled all the tricks, unknowns and details of the Bohemian Decoration Trend that meets all these needs: 

Bohemian Decoration Trends 2022 Spring-Summer

In bohemian decoration; In addition to products that will bring liveliness and comfort to your home such as decorative wicker mirrors, wooden objects, floor cushions, wooden coffee tables, colorful busts, macrame puffs and wicker vases, plants are our biggest assistant in decoration.

Plants are a simple and economical way to enhance decoration. One of the main sources of inspiration in bohemian decoration is nature. You can create a spacious and eye-free environment in your home with various plants. If you do not prefer large-leaved plants that take up a lot of space, you can also benefit from cacti. Those who want to add a modern touch to decoration can benefit from vertical gardens. You can get a natural look by hanging various plant groups that you will make a composition on the wall.

The geometric shape you will see most in this style is the circle. Decorative products and the form of furniture are the most suitable areas for you to use this geometry. Especially in rugs, the flat form will add a very stylish atmosphere to your home. In addition to these, wicker mirrors and baskets, decorative wall plates are among the ideas that you can enrich your walls.

You can start the decoration of the dining room with a wooden table, which is indispensable and makes the home feel a warm atmosphere, and different wooden chairs and colorful cushions you will put on it. You can combine it with vases of various sizes, fragrant flowers and different objects. And underneath, here is the Bohemian dining room with an ethnic patterned rug according to the form of the table.

In bedrooms, which are the most relaxing and serene places in your home, you can use wood, which is an important part of bohemian decoration. You can revive the bedsteads close to the floor with colorful cushions, ethnic patterned, macrame or lace covers. In addition to these, the relaxation corner you will make with a puff in wooden or pastel tones is invaluable.

If you want to place your own touches and memories at the center of your life, then the bohemian lifestyle is for you. The way to enjoy freedom and comfort is through bohemian decoration. What colors would you bring this comfortable, free and bold style to your home? We welcome your comments.


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