Warm Effect on Spaces: Straw

Warm Effect on Spaces: Straw

The concept of sustainability, one of the rising decoration trends of the last period; natural materials, soft and cornerless forms and recycled products are carried to the interior spaces.

In the natural decoration trend, where earth colors, stone, wood and organic fabrics are frequently preferred, many decorative products such as wicker baskets, newspaper holders and wall mirrors come to the fore with the summer season.

In these days when nature is awakening, let's take a look at the dazzling style suggestions with the variety of combinations in living spaces of wicker textures that warm us and give us peace!

 Wicker products made of rattan, bamboo, willow and reed are among the trends again recently in terms of both healthy and visual quality. From rugs to chandeliers, from flower pots to coffee tables, there are many products that you can create an intimate ambiance. You can reflect all the energy of spring with wicker products that can be easily integrated into all decoration styles thanks to their functional features and natural colors.

It can bring natural breezes to your living spaces with wicker details that we often see in many styles such as rustic, bohemian, industrial, Scandinavian, minimalist, provence and vintage; You can create creative ideas with unlimited usage alternatives.

Since the living room is the living space where you spend the most time at home, it is important to create a peaceful and reflective environment. You can choose wicker baskets with hanger detail, which you can use on the sides of the seats, as a organizer for your throw pillows and sofa shawls. You can create a regular space for your books and magazines by using wicker newspaper holders.


It can save space by using the wicker chests as a storage area; You can also create a stylish effect as a coffee table. You can provide an exotic touch by combining African-style wicker baskets on your walls. You can completely change the atmosphere of the space with rattan chandeliers that create a bohemian effect.

The effect you want your decoration to have depends on small touches. You can combine with decorative accessories and vases into wicker trays that you choose in a form suitable for your furniture to organize your items such as remotes, telephones, books and glasses in your coffee table or library; You can create a characteristic decoration.

Wicker chairs that you can use around the dining table create a natural and stylish look in your decoration. Thanks to its durable structure, you can use it for many years, as well as provide a lively touch with cushions of various colors on it. It can easily reflect your original style by being compatible with every color; You can make creative combinations.

Bohemian headboard is to create a warm, natural and friendly look. Headboards that bring the rural life to your spaces with their designs help you create a stylish effect.

With the pots you place in wicker baskets, you can provide a stylish look to your dry or live flowers, organize your materials that you always need but do not want to see, such as cables and hobby supplies, can easily be used as a dirty basket in the bathroom, thanks to its moisture-proof feature, you can collect towels, soaps or jewelry, aesthetically pleasing. You can create an ambiance.

 At the same time, the baskets that you can use in the cabinets help you to get a clean and tidy look for accessories such as socks, belts and glasses. You can use it as an organizer in the children's room where you can collect toys.

You can display your fruits and vegetables in baskets in the kitchen. You can create natural details with bamboo trays on the counter that you can place spice jars in or use to create a coffee corner.

İYou can provide a comfortable and unique look with wicker furniture that is not affected by climatic conditions that you can use in your terrace, patio, balcony and garden as well as indoors.


Wicker products, which are preferred to create a peaceful atmosphere, are also preferred because they are economical. You can easily combine products made with natural materials that add value to the space they are in, with the color palettes you prefer. It can create a lively or soft look; You can add dynamism to your spaces.

You can create authentic decorations with wicker furniture and decorative accessories that you will use in your interiors or on your balcony and garden.

Where or what colors would you combine the wicker with? We are waiting your comments!


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