Provence Decoration

Elegant Breeze from the French Countryside: Provence Decoration

Provence is a comfortable, friendly and elegant style that comes to mind when it comes to decoration. Olive trees reflecting peace and happiness, a blue sky, the reflection of the sky in the water, and the famous lavender fields!

The Provence decoration style, where Southern influences mix with the French style, offers a perfect option for those who want to bring a rural charm to their home and those who want to bring the seaside atmosphere to their living spaces.

The prominent pieces in this decoration are; aged and patina furniture, natural textured fabrics, solid woods and wrought iron designs. Wooden or natural stone tiles on the floor, stone coating on the walls or paint in pastel colors are among the main features. On the ceiling, wooden beams or white tones often attract attention.

Since Provence is a country style, cotton, linen, wool and muslin, which are dominated by natural fabrics, should be preferred. Flying tulle reflecting lightness and simplicity can be seen in the window decoration. Floral patterned fabrics, lace from the chest, mosquito nets in the bedroom, embroidered linens, frills and handcrafted rugs on the floor have become the business card of this style. You can use the floral decor not only in textiles but also in lampshade selection. You can choose the pillows you will use on the sofa, again in pastel tones, solid colors or striped patterns.

In the kitchen, you can create an elegant look by using a large island countertop in the middle and a magnificent lighting on it. The combination of wood texture with pastel tones will create a lively atmosphere in your kitchen. One of the features of this style, which refers to the traditional style, is the glass and wire covered cabinets. You can display kitchenware, ceramics and porcelain in these cabinets.

Fresh wildflowers are a must-have detail in decoration. In particular, you can use the lavender fields unique to the Provence region to add idyllic breezes to your living spaces. Besides lavender; sunflower, iris and poppy are among the flowers that adapt to the decoration.

On the walls, you can use soothing and natural tones such as white, sand, cream or light yellow, light blue, pale green, light lavender; You can get a bright and spacious place. While the ceramic decorative plates, colorful bowls, crystal vases and mirrors that you will add to your wall decoration add aesthetics; It will provide a stylish and natural look. In addition to these, you can reflect the seaside effect on your walls with sea shells and fishing nets that reflect the Mediterranean style.

One of the most important points to consider when choosing furniture is its material. You can choose light and natural tones such as walnut, chestnut, ash and oak. Antique painted, matte and natural looking wooden furniture or wrought iron furniture will create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your spaces. A wrought iron design that you can use as a headboard, especially in the bedroom, is the unchanging feature of this style, which creates the combination of wood and metal. In the living room, the fireplace made of natural stones will provide a romantic effect to the environment.

If you want to reflect the color palette of nature in your living spaces and the lifestyle of a fishing village by the sea, this style is for you! You can take a look at our Provence style products that will help you in our collections. Which colors would you prefer to use when bringing this style to your spaces? You can write your thoughts and ideas in the comments.



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