Wall Decoration in 6 Steps!

Wall Decoration in 6 Steps!

Our living spaces are places where we feel peaceful and happy. We want this space we live in to tell our story and to have traces of ourselves.

Walls, one of the most important and complementary points in interior decoration, are the canvases on which you will reflect your creative and original style. You can create eye-catching effects with small touches as well as being free in terms of color, texture and pattern. Take a look at our suggestions, each prepared for your inspiration!

1-Wall color

The colors to be used on the walls are an important factor in decoration. While dark colors add a mystical atmosphere, you can create large and spacious spaces when light color tones are used. You can paint a single wall a pastel, vibrant or dark color to create a focal point and draw the visual perception. You can combine with light tones, especially with coral, earth tones, olive and mint green colors; You can provide an energetic and modern look by using vivid colors such as pomegranate flower, sax blue, and mustard yellow. If the space is large, a dark wall will create a sophisticated style.


2-Tables and Frames

While the paintings activate our emotions with the effect they leave, they also add character to the empty walls. Paintings with unlimited design and color options have the widest range to reflect your unique style. Choosing a painting in harmony with your walls and furniture or in contrasting colors has different effects in spaces. While the tables you will choose in harmonious colors ensure the fluency in the space, contrast colors play an important role in attracting attention. The tables, whose dimensions are as important as their colors, should be preferred according to the width of the space. Choosing a large painting in a small space will narrow the space even more, and a small painting will not look aesthetically pleasing in large spaces. Not limited to a single table, it can combine more than one table; You can provide a balanced look with the effect of all the designs that appeal to your style. You can create a composition by bringing together many paintings and frames in different sizes and styles, and you can create an eclectic style by taking advantage of the harmony of dissonance.



In addition to wall paint, you can also reflect your style with the use of wallpaper. You can create a visual richness by applying the wallpaper that you choose in colors compatible with paint and furniture on a single wall. Depending on the decoration style you want to reflect the wallpaper models with many pattern options, you can provide a dynamic look with geometric forms, energetic with floral patterns, and an elegant look with country or modern patterns. It can add vitality to the living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen and even in the bathroom; You can cheer up the walls.



As it is known, when the mirrors are positioned correctly, they can make the space appear wider and brighter. Mirrors that create a sense of depth reflect sunlight to living spaces when used on walls close to windows. You can create spacious and bright spaces by choosing a mirror that is suitable for your decoration as a design. An embroidered mirror with gold details will be suitable for avant-garde style, if it is designed in a round form and plain, it will be suitable for classical or modern style; if it is a wicker or macrame detailed mirror, it will be suitable for bohemian decoration. Mirrors with sharp lines according to their forms create a regular appearance, while mirrors in round form create a focal point and radiate energy.

5-Porcelain plates

Porcelain wall plates, which find their place among creative decorative products, provide a characteristic touch to living spaces; It gives a warm look. You can easily use the plates with a nostalgic effect in modern or bohemian decoration. This decorative accessory, which refers to the traditional style prepared by handwork, adds mobility and vitality to the spaces.

6- Wicker wall accessories 

The warm and sincere effect that the straw gives to the spaces is undeniable. Recently, we encounter wicker products on the walls, which are trending again. You can create a spacious and comfortable style with the harmony of pulleys, baskets, panels made of wicker material, which integrates with the decoration.

Which is your style, simple modern-classic, warm bohemian or Scandinavian style? Which decorative products would you reflect your style with?

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