Brass, Silver, Gold, Chrome - The 4 States of Metal in Decoration

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The 4 States of Metal in Decoration

Brass, Silver, Gold, Chrome

The spaces we live in are full of different details and affect our perception even though we do not notice it. The spaces we design make up us. The places we live in constitute our identity, so it is useful to review the items in the areas we live in.

Therefore, when we design our living spaces, we need to pay attention to the parameters of the products we will use. We should not ignore details such as size, form and material in decoration products. In this article, we will tell about metal, which is a kind of indicator of modern designs, even though it is perceived as cold.

Metal material in forms such as iron, steel, aluminum, silver, bronze, gold, chrome, brass offers a wide range according to the atmosphere you want to create. In addition, metal is preferred because it is recyclable, hygienic and long-lasting.

Indoors; It is preferred with peace of mind in furniture, accessories, wall and floor applications. Metal, which we are used to seeing in industrial designs, has recently been used in different styles of architecture in both harmony and contrast.

1) Brass: For Nostalgia Lovers

It is quite common to use brass metal in a space designed in a rustic style. With its brass color and texture, it will be in harmony with your space as it is suitable for the spirit of the time. If you want to get a nostalgic look, brass is the most suitable metal for this. Whether you want it in your bathroom, kitchen or living room, using brass details in your living room will refer to the past in your space. In addition, brass looks very compatible with your marble items.


2) Silver: For those who can not give up elegance

Silver metal, which we are used to using in luxury spaces, has recently become a trend in modern design. Silver details in the products you use in your home will give your home a stylish look. Using silver on the legs of your furniture and decoration products will help you get a modern look. It contrasts well with velvet furniture. It means creating a visual atmosphere by combining certain elements with different textures.

3) Chrome: For Those Who Prefer Shine and Luxury

On the other hand, chrome decoration products will help you achieve the same effect. In addition to the elegance of silver, chromium is very strong and stable. For this reason, it will be a good choice to choose chrome for your decoration products that you want to stand out. With dark colors, your chrome products will contrast and stand out even more.

4) Gold: For Showy Spaces

 Golden details in the furniture can subtly enrich a room's decor. However, you have to be very careful when using gold. Measure is almost everything in this regard. When you use more gold details than necessary, you will be exposed to an exaggerated and tiring look. For this reason, it is recommended to use gold in the details of the space you have designed. You can also combine it with natural ingredients to prevent its exaggerated stance. You can create a strong contrast with the black color and achieve a harmonious image with earth tones. In addition, avoid using it with assertive pastel colors.

As a result, as long as you make proportional and harmonious combinations, you will be able to transform your interiors into any style you want with metal decoration products and create eye-catching spaces.

Do not be afraid to use metal and do not forget to visit our site for the most suitable decoration products for your home.

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