Giselle Modern Fabric Chandelier

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Introducing the Giselle Modern Fabric Chandelier – a stunning embodiment of contemporary sophistication and graceful design. Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, this chandelier seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with the luxurious touch of fabric, creating an exquisite focal point for your living space.

The Giselle Chandelier features a sleek and angular frame, embodying clean lines and geometric precision. The fabric detailing, thoughtfully chosen for its quality and texture, adds a layer of refinement to the overall design. This combination of modern structure and soft fabric elements results in a chandelier that effortlessly complements a variety of contemporary interior styles.

Please bare in mind this product is used in showroom display, thus it may be exposed to minor defect or damage. 

Product Dimension: 


W:92cm D:45cm  H: 20cm

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