Black Painted Hellboy Pop Art Sculpture Bust

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The decorative Black Painted Hellboy Pop Art Sculpture Bust made out of polyster from Motto Base is perfect for adding personality to your home, studio and office decor! This unique pop art design will cast an artistic vibe to your living spaces and lend any interior sophisticated, fun and contemporary.

Delivered inside custom-made black cotton bags , Black Painted Hellboy Pop Art Sculpture Bust can be used for decorating your library, living room, coffee tables, sideboards, bedroom, office and bookshelf. With its high-quality structure and perfect details, this decorative sculpture bust brings one of your favorite grumpy superhero character Hellboy to your interiors!

Summoned from hell to create an evil occupation on earth, Hellboy is half-Demon with a destiny to bring about the apocalypse. That being said, his true destiny has never been realized. Hellboy gets rescued by Professor Broom, founder of Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and raised by him to fight the evil powers strolling earth.

Even though he is half-demon with an evil nature, Professor Broom raises Hellboy as a son and adds him a well-meaning character. Over time he becomes the perfect soldier for Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and leads a team of gifted creatures, including the mer-man Abe Sapien and pyro-kenetic Liz Sherman, in an underground war against forces of evil.

Item Dimensions: H: 24cm W: 15cm

Weight: 2 kg

Care & Info: Due to its’ handmade & polyster nature, Hellboy Pop Art Sculpture Bust may show small differences with the website images and each product carries unique characteristics. The product is not recommended to contact with food. Please wipe the product with a damp cloth. The anti-allergic polyster bust does hold a protective varnish and it does not collect dust.

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