Quilted Square Cushion Seat Pads

£49 £89

Quilted Square Cushion Seat Pads, which will change the atmosphere of your living spaces, will help you get a modern and stylish look with its french style design. It is prepared with careful hand sewing and high quality sponge and fiber are used in its inner filling. You can provide a comfortable appearance thanks to the soft texture of cotton linen fabric. It will help you carry the hanger that provides integrity with its square-shaped design.

In addition to being a functional choice for those who want to save space in interior spaces, you can easily combine them with earth tones, off-white and beige.

Quilted Square Cushion Seat Pads can get a very trendy look with coffee table, house plants and wicker baskets; You can create stylish corners in your spaces with its elegant stance.

Product sizes:

W: 60 cm H: 10 cm D: 60 cm

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