Handwoven Bamboo Wicker Newsstand

£25 £49

You can add warmth to your spaces with the decorative wicker newspaper holder, which has an organic and bohemian look. While providing the opportunity to use as an organizer with its functional feature, it also provides a comfortable and natural breeze to your home. You can create a stylish and sympathetic atmosphere in your living spaces thanks to its form that adapts to every style. 

Thanks to its wicker hangers, you can hang it on your coat rack, create a warm effect on the floor, or use it as an organizer.

Handmade, produced using 100% natural bamboo mat, the Handwoven Bamboo Wicker Newsstand can be used as a fruit and vegetable holder in the kitchen, a towel holder in the bathroom, a picnic basket, a blanket and a pillow basket.

Product sizes:

W: 34 cm H: 26 cm D: 17 cm

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