Green Tea Leaves Dual Wick Candle

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Since that day 5000 years ago, when a leaf fell into boiling water in front of the Chinese emperor, green tea has been in our lives! Close your eyes with "Green Tea Leaves" and benefit from the healing power of green ...

Crafted with pure joy and serenity, the Green Tea Leaves Scented Dual Wick Candle is a wonderful way to freshen any room. Artisan fragrance delivers a soothing aroma of green tea leaves embracing you in great calmness.

While combining natural soy and beeswax with paper-fiber cotton wicks immersed in unique fragrances that are specially developed for you, we do not add any chemicals such as paraffin and phthalate. It has a 55 hour burn time. 

Product sizes: H: 10 cm W: 10 cm D: 9 cm

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