Concrete Backflow Fanus Incense Burner

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Concrete Backflow Fanus Incense Burner, which will allow you to get away from the rapid flow of modern life and negative energies, gives you healing in your meditations and in your daily life with its minimal and simple design.

Concrete Backflow Fanus Incense Burner, designed from concrete, comes with five incense gifts. This different incense design consisting of concrete caps, glass cylinder and concrete sculpture includes many unusual details. The incense smoke circulating in the glass cylinder reacts with the concrete material and the sculpture changes color over time and gains an antique appearance.

Concrete Backflow Fanus Incense Burner, inspired by the concepts of letting it flow, accepting and transforming, invites you to a new journey with its calming scent.

Product Dimension:

Ø: 11 cm H: 15 cm

Statue size:

Ø: 5 cm H: 8 cm

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