Black Striped Wicker Basket Set of Three

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Wicker baskets are among the decoration trends of recent times, with their natural and warm appearance as well as their organizing feature. With its natural and stylish appearance, you can choose it as a decorative solution in your living spaces and use it in many different functions. It is made of 100% natural material with dark blue band detail and fine hand workmanship and is a product that you can use for many years.

With three different size options, you can create stylish and at the same time regular corners that reflect the minimal style in your home, office and workplaces.

Black Striped Wicker Basket Set of 3 can add a bohemian feel to your living spaces; If you wish, you can use your magazines, newspapers and records inside or as a fruit bowl.

Product sizes:

Big W: 40 cm H: 32 cm D: 42 cm

Medium W: 34 cm H: 28 cm D: 38 cm

Small W: 29 cm H: 26 cm D: 29 cm

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