Black Painted Zeus Pop Art Sculpture Bust

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The decorative Black Painted Zeus Pop Art Sculpture Bust made out of polyester from Motto Base is perfect for adding personality to your home, studio and office decor! This unique pop art design will cast an artistic vibe to your living spaces and lend any interior sophisticated, elegant and stylish.

Delivered inside custom-made black cotton bags, Black Painted Zeus Pop Art Sculpture Bust can be used for decorating your library, living room, coffee tables, sideboards, bedroom, office and bookshelf. With its high-quality structure and perfect details, this decorative sculpture bust will definitely reflect your artsy character to your home décor!

Ancient Greek mythology’s chief God Zeus is granted as the father of all gods and humans, as well as their ruler and protector. He is always represented with a lightning bolt and the eagle.

Polyester sculpture with white patina, made traditionally with the method of casting plaster. The original, magnificent full-size bronze statue was recovered from the sea off Cape Artemision, in northern Euboea on 475-45 BC. It is now one of the greatest masterpieces displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Item Dimensions: H: 24 cm W: 15 cm

Weight: 1,5 kg

Care & Info: Due to its’ handmade & polyster nature, Black Painted Zeus Pop Art Sculpture Bust may show small differences with the website images and each product carries unique characteristics. The product is not recommended to contact with food. Please wipe the product with a damp cloth. The anti-allergic polyster bust does hold a protective varnish and it does not collect dust.

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