Black Outdoor Camping Mug

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Black Outdoor Camping Mug from Motto Base is the perfect gift for your friends, family and loved ones. With its custom design constructed of high-quality metal and coated in thick enamel and is perfect as a kitchen accessory and for all indoor&outdoor activities. The non-breakable and rust resistance mug is long lasting and healthy for daily use.

You can create a personalised gift with Black Outdoor Camping Mug by adding an inspirational quote on it and make unique gift for your loved ones! It’d also be perfect for promotional events or corporate collective outdoor activities.

With cute paws engraved on the faux leather accessory on it; the Black Outdoor Camping Mug conveys the love and respect for nature, all while blending perfectly with outdoor, camping, hiking activities.

Complete curled lip for a better touch when drinking, Smooth finish inside and outside which does not coffee stain for easy cleanup. The ergonomic design for secure and comfortable grip also adds a certain vibe to its looks.

Item Dimensions: W: 7,5 cm H: 8 cm, 455 ml capacity

Weight: 0,1 kg

Care & InfoWe fulfill orders on demand, so you can order as many as you'd like! The production of customised mugs take 3 days. Keep the Black Outdoor Camping Mug away from microwave. You can heat your beverages inside the mug with oven. It is not recommended to wash with a machine. Handwash is recommended. 

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