5 Piece Decorative Brass Candle Holder

£59 £129

You can add a different touch to your decoration with its aesthetic and minimal design. Decorative candlestick with bead details providing dynamism; It will help you create a unique and eye-catching style. The candlestick set made of pure brass preserves its quality for many years.

It can create effective touches in your home, office and all places; You can get a stylish look with off-white, anthracite and earth tones. When used with brass objects, you can provide an eye-catching decoration with its unique design.

You can comfortably combine your coffee table, dresser, bookcase and middle table. With its original design, it will bring the aesthetic perception to higher levels in its environment.

Product sizes:

W: 30 cm H: 23 cm D: 2,5 cm ∅: 3,5 cm

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