Purple Picasso Cube

$152.78 $242.66

Picasso is one of the first names that come to mind when famous painters are mentioned!

We transfer the works of Picasso, who left his mark on the last century and influenced many painters who came after him, on decorative objects.

We make the works of the cubist painter Pablo Picasso a part of your spaces with interior decoration.

With its fine hand workmanship and details, "Purple Picasso Cube" will be a unique option for those who want to add an artistic and fun touch to their living spaces.

While the awesome contrast created by the colors and the characteristic balance of the lines add a dynamic meaning to the space used, it will be a unique alternative for those who love to have style in their living spaces.

Product Dimensions:

W: 24 cm H: 45 cm D: 24 cm

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