Ovolo Wicker Basket Set of Seven

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Wicker baskets, which you can use in many different functions such as decoration or storage, will appear as one of the eye-catching elements in new decoration trends.

"Ovolo Wicker Basket Set of 7" offers you 7 different size options that you can easily use in every corner of your spaces.

You can decorate and decorate your favorite corners with this set to create perfect spaces where you can create your own unique style, and you can use it as an organizer if you wish.

Product sizes:

1) W: 30 cm H: 11 cm D: 30 cm 

2) W: 25 cm H: 9 cm D: 25 cm 

3) W: 23 cm H: 7 cm D: 23 cm 

4) W: 21 cm H: 6.5 cm D: 21 cm 

5) W: 18 cm H: 6 cm D: 18 cm 

6) W: 15 cm H: 5 cm D: 15 cm 

7) W: 12 cm H: 4 cm D: 12 cm 


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